11 Top Secret Food Rules for Glowing Skin!

 Your skin says it all about your persona. It is one of the most vital parts of the body, and thus you need to be very careful with it. However, people often neglect it and do not spare enough time to take care of their skin. And the results are well known, their skin quality get affected. Well, it is not always about buying those expensive skincare products. There is much more your skin needs. Find out here.

A radiant and flawless skin is dream of every person. It may sound simple, but for this, one needs to take good care to make their skin glow. If you are among those, who think that clear and vibrant skin can be attained by using those skincare products, readily available in the market, then you are partially wrong!

Yes, the reason being taking care of the skin through a healthy diet, exercise, and many other factors, matters a lot. Hence, if you are nurturing your skin from inside, then using any cream, moisturizer, serum, etc. will not help you. So, without wasting any more time, let’s jump onto the 11 food rules to remember for healthy skin.

Good-bye Sugar:

If you ask, which food exerts most dramatic effect on the skin, the answer would be none other than sugar. Having simple carbohydrates and sugar simply raises the blood glucose and insulin levels to spike, which damage collagen. Being a structural protein, it is responsible for the elasticity of the skin and when you consume processed sugar, it destroys the skin’s tone and boosts the development of wrinkles.

Stay hydrated:

The first rule is to keep your body hydrated. Yes, drinking water is highly crucial if your goal is to have soft and radiant skin. The reason is simple, when your body don’t receive sufficient hydration the only left place for the skin to obtain hydration is to pass it on to the body’s essential organs from its surface. Not sure whether your body is dehydrated or not? One simple way is to see if your lips are dry. If yes, you need water. On an average, an individual is advised to drink at least two litres of water in a day.

No more bread:

Running late for the office, just pick a slice of bread and butter, done with the breakfast. Is this is something you do more often in morning? Then this could be the reason behind your dull skin. The processed grains are greatly harmful, similar to the sugar. They too have similar insulin-spiking and skin-ruining effects. It doesn’t mean you should stay at bay from grain, but yes, gor for whole grains. Millet, buckwheat, amaranth, and quinoa, which are gluten-free are highly beneficial than their processed counterparts.

Go fresh:

Want your skin to look fresh? Then you really need to switch to fresh diet. Nowadays, people hardly have anytime to buy and cook fresh. But for flawless skin, you need to do this. Try more and more to have fresh food/ plants. Fresh food carries multiple skin benefits. You can include anything from raw vegetables, fruits, seeds, and nuts to keep your skin aglow.

Switch to greens

Do you like those dark leafy green vegetables? Well even if you don’t, you have no option if you really crave for a healthy skin. Radiant skin is possible when you provide it with essential vitamins and minerals. And these green vegies have all those components which are a must have for healthy skin production.

For now, try on these five rules first. Once you are done with them, get set to put your hands on the remaining 6, coming in the next post. Meanwhile, if you have any better suggestions, do share in the comments below!

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