5 Belly Fat Burning Foods

Want to try something different to reduce your belly fat? Stock your kitchens with these staples that can help you reduce your love handles giving you more energy.

Excess belly fat is one of the predecessors to heart disease, blood pressure, and several types of cancer. A big belly is not only uncomfortable, it can also be challenging to your self-esteem. And hence this is a great indication that you need to change your lifestyle and eating habits, as early as possible.

While frequent exercise, sufficient sleep and a healthy diet play an important role to bring the body in shape, eating the right food is also very crucial. So, here we bring to you 5 SUPER foods that can work wonders for you and help you reduce your extra pounds.

However, remember that for these foods to work their miracles, you must consume them as part of your clean diet. Don’t think that eating junk all through the day by noshing on some fat-burning foods will give you a toned belly.


Eating foods rich in protein improves the metabolism. Since protein rich foods are digested and absorbed slowly, these help in maintaining our blood sugar. Contributing to the development of lean muscle, proteins are not converted to fat as quickly as carbohydrates.

Eating protein, especially in the breakfast is important as it helps set the stage for keeping balanced blood sugar levels throughout the day. So, if you want to reduce your belly fat, never miss your breakfast.

To fulfill your body’s need for high protein and to keep your fat in control, you should consume foods like hemp seeds, sprouted quinoa, chia seeds or a raw vegan protein powder that has combined plant foods offering all 20 amino acids. Eating soaked almonds can also be a good source of protein.


Red fruits are a great source of lot of nutrition adding very few calories. Specific phyto – nutrients contained only in red foods alter the constitution and flow of blood lipids. As a result, this interferes with the ability of lipids to deposit in the abdomen.

Red foods are usually rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals. You can take watermelon, dark red cherries, tomatoes, and berries to satisfy your taste buds while helping your body burn that extra fat.


How can one forget Fiber when it comes to any weight loss program, particularly burning the belly fat? Since, Fiber helps in optimal functioning of the colon, you can absorb the nutrients fully from the food you eat. It also helps you feel full for longer, keeping all your cravings and snacking at bay.

High fiber foods include flax seeds, avocados, chia seeds, almost all fruits and vegetables, and sprouted gluten-free whole grains such as quinoa, buckwheat, and amaranth.

Fabulous Fats

This might surprise you but we need to eat fat to burn fat, but specific ones. While animal fat and trans fats should be avoided, monounsaturated plant-based fats are vital for reducing belly fat, which includes sunflower seeds, soaked almonds, walnuts, and avocados.

Avocados especially shine as a prime belly fat burning food. These also possess anti- bacterial and anti-fungal properties making it easier for our body to flush out the toxins that usually get stored in the adipose tissue. Avocados contain the amino acid lecithin that facilitates the healthy functioning of liver – a key component for burning belly fat.

Green Vegetables

Do you remember Popeye – the famous cartoon character with spinach? His secret for the physical strength and ‘slim’ physique he had was his spinach. Green leafy veggies are called “superfoods” for good reason. Green vegetables such as spinach, kale, arugula, broccoli, cilantro, and chard are high in fiber, minerals, vitamins, and special compounds that enhance the metabolism and support digestion. Hence, enjoy green veggies in plenty with every meal.


Undoubtedly, burning excessive abdomen fat requires a shift in our daily habits. This is just a misconception that by starving, you can lose fat sustainably. Making careful eating choices is very crucial to serve the purpose. Simply focus on adding high fiber, high protein foods, adequate greens and some plant-based fat in your diet chart and you’ll be well on your way to a healthy middle.

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