Failure of Your Belly Fat Regime

You might be following a strict exercise regime to reduce those extra inches around your waist. But are you the getting the desired result? Have you been able to reduce your belly fat with your squats and crunches? If not, you must continue to read to know more why all your efforts are turning into failure.

You’re Extremely Crazy about Crunches

Before practicing any exercise routine, you should understand that targeting one part of the body won’t help you reduce pounds in that area. To achieve the desired results, you’ll have to lose weight overall. This implies that sit-ups and crunches will build your muscles, but they’ll remain unseen underneath your existing fat and might make your fat protrude more.

Instead, focus on total-body moves like lift-off lunge that will also strengthen your abdominal muscles.  With a strong core, you’ll able to prevent injuries.  In the meantime, building your larger muscle groups increases your muscle mass that will help you burn more calories largely.

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 It’s all about lifting weights at the Gym

You might be given strength training at the gym, but these exercises build muscle that use more calories than the fat at rest. However, if you want to shed your middle, you should do moderate- to high-intensity cardio to burn it up. Aerobic exercise is the key to burning calories stored as fat. Therefore, you need to focus on working up a sweat, and add in a few resistance-training sessions at the gym.

Control Eating Frozen Meals and Packaged Snacks

You might not know that low-calorie processed foods can also be high in sugar and sodium. These are a double-whammy for your middle body portion. Salty foods lead to bloating of the bloat. Moreover, your body stores excess sugar as fat even in its natural forms, such as honey. Studies show that people who have regular intake of diet with snacks high in sugar and fat build up more belly fat than those who consume the same amount of calories from well-rounded meals.

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Adequate Sleep

Everyone knows that taking inadequate sleep can lead to weight gain. According to a study from Wake Forest University, those who took five hours of sleep on average not only weighed more, but also carried more fat in the abdomen as compared to those who slept six to eight hours. Not getting enough sleep can boost the production of hunger hormones that encourages you to eat more. In addition, inadequate sleep can make you feel tired and then it is less likely that you hit the gym.

You’re Still Enjoying Your Diet Soda

If you doing exercises regularly with a strict control on fast food eating, but you’re still having the habit of drinking aerated drinks or diet soda, by no chance you could succeed in shedding your waistline. People who regularly drink diet beverages can put on three times as much belly fat as those who avoid it, according to a study published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society. While the exact reasons behind this aren’t really known to the experts, they believe that artificial sweeteners may slow down the metabolism.  As a solution, replace drinking soda or aerated drinks with glass of water or seltzer. Simply, squeeze some lemon in a glass of water to add some flavor. Our body uses water to break down fat cells. Therefore, it’s important to stay hydrated. If you still need more flavor, you can try sipping herbal tea any slimming sassy water recipes.

One should follow these practices as strict rules when they’re on their belly fat flattening regime. Otherwise, no matter how much hard you try, you won’t ever succeed.