7 magical tips for men to keep your skin glowing in the summer heat!

With the arrival of hot summer breezes, it’s high time for all men out there to start looking for their skin. Yes, skin care is not constrained to the women only. Even men need a proper care for their skin. Learn here what you can do these summers.

Summers can prove to be hazardous and cruel to your skin, especially, if you don’t care for it. But there’s nothing to worry much. Follow the suggestions below to ensure that your skin shines as bright as the sun does, even in the burning summer days.

  1. Make Sunscreens a Daily Diet of Your Skin:Don’t punish your skin by leaving your home without applying the sunscreen lotion.Look for an oil free sunscreen lotion with a minimum SPF level of 30. Use it after every couple of hours when outside. Experts believe that men who avoid the use of sunscreen are often more prone to the sun damage, which usually result in redness along with irritation signs. And not to forget, sunscreen also helps in maintaining the younger look of your skin.
  2. Cleansing your skin is a necessity:The humidity outside often make your skin oily. Hence, cleaning your face with a cleanser at least twice a day is something you need to include in your regime. Here, it is advised to go as chemical-free as possible. You can go for homemade cleansers. Try making a paste using raw milk;you can add a ripe mashed banana and a few drops of lemon or orange juice. Another way is to prepare a cleansing solution with fresh aloe vera pulp/juice and few drops of lemon juice. It simply open your skin pores and flush out toxins from skin.
  3. Consume a healthy diet:You must have heard that you are what you eat! This may sound cliched but the fact is that your skin is impacted by your diet and your lifestyle. Say no to the oily and fried food. Want to increase your glow? Go for greater amount of proteins, Vitamin A and C. A simple tip here would be to add a glass of yoghurt smoothie with fruits like strawberries and apple, and take it in your morning diet.
  4. Keep your face moisturized: Well you might be thinking what moisturizer is doing in the list here! But here you need to know that even in summer it is an essential element for good skin. While it keeps your skin hydrated and fresh, it also prevents wrinkles and laugh lines. Want to go natural? One way to keep hydration level right is using cucumber and tomato juice. It keeps your skin fresh and also helps in lightening blemishes and tanning.
  5. Exfoliate your skin cells:What about the the dead cells of your skin? Have you planned something for them? No, then you are delaying something vital. Actually, the greater exposure to sun and grime in summer days causes greater number of dead cells. Hence, dermatologists recommend to exfoliate you skin at least twice a week. In case, you have a dry skin once a week would go best. This will result in the reduction of ingrown hair, making your skin look fresh and soothing.
  6. Tone up your skin:When you spend time out in summer, it means your skin comes in contact with various pollutants. The presence of pollutants and grime in the environs disable our skin’s ability to stay elastic. Here comes the role of a toner. The advantage of using it is that it keeps the skin firm and clear. Also, it helps in the reduction of ingrown hairs after shaving.
  7. Fight back acne: Those acne scars can cause a greater damage to your looks. Definitely, you don’t want that to happen at any cost. And as far as summers are concerned, acne is a common skin problem in these days. All you need is a range of good anti- acne products. Try to keep natural as far as possible.

So, you see that it is not always about a complicated skin care routine, which is required for a clean and healthy looking skin. Also, it is not necessary to invest in a slew of products or spend hours in a spa and a beauty care salon. Just add up these simple tips to your daily routine and enjoy a healthy skin!


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