Are there Any Carby Foods That Can Help Lose Weight?

While you might have heard about keeping your carb intake low when it comes to weight lose, we have a different belief. You need not to fear carbs as they are high in fiber and extremely satisfying. In addition, carbs act as the energy fuel when you workout.

Hundreds of studies at various universities and research centers proved that cabs helps you eat less, make you feel more energized, burn more calories, and reduce cholesterol.

It is to note that excluding carbs from your diet completely can actually lead to the failure of your weight loss mission in the long run.  While you can definitely cut out carbs completely for a short period of time, eventually your body will start craving for them. This in turn will push you to eat more carbs to overdo your portion size.

Instead of pouncing on Cheetoes, you can add these 5 carby snacks that can offer you good for weight loss.

Green Bananas – Since Bananas are very sugary and starchy, they often have a negative reputation when it comes to weight loss. However, they can actually be a great aid. Green bananas are high in resistant starch that is digested much slower than refines sugars or starch. Just have them before they’re ripe completely.

Fruit Popsicle – While this carb is light, it can satisfy your sweet taste buds without many calories or sugar.  Simply, mix well half-cup of water with a dozen strawberries and one banana together. Once you blend them well, pour it into 4 molds and freeze.

Cereal – We all know cereals are satisfying. They are also a great pre-workout snack for those who regularly go to the gym. However, many people take it as a forbidden stuff when it comes to weight loss. It is just a myth; you don’t need to deprive yourself of cereal. Quench your weekend mornings with a bowl of whole-grain cereal and milk. You can also add sugarcoated flaked and marshmallows for taste. To satisfy the body’s need of carbs, you should eat 150 calories per serving.

Roasted Chicpeas – While chickpeas, peas and lentils are savory, crunchy, and satisfying, these are rich in with fiber-rich carbs and protein. They keep you full and offer adequate energy so you don’t end up at the vending machine. In addition, unlike other carby snacks including crackers and chips roasted chickpeas and peas are naturally low in calories and don’t have any added sugar or fat.

Granola Parfait – You might know but a parfait is the ideal way to recharge your body, especially after your intense workout at the gym. This is because it’s packed with whole-grain carbs and rich in protein. Simply, add granola clusters to fresh frozen berries and a few dollops of plain Greek yogurt in a small cocktail glass. It is one of the perfect blends of protein and fiber-rich carbs that can keep you contented. This in turn is advantageous for managing weight.

Here are a few benefits of adding carbs into your diet when you are trying to lose weight:

Carby foods

  • Carbs curb your hunger
  • Carbs fill you up.
  • Consuming carbs makes you thin forever
  • Controls blood sugar and diabetes
  • These help speed up metabolism of your body
  • They help in shedding extra pounds around waistline
  • Carbs keep you satisfied and control your food cravings


With plenty of health advantages, carbs are really rich source of energy to our body. When all our organs are work seamlessly and in harmony with each other, we live healthy. Hence, carbs make us feel good about ourselves.


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