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Makeup expert Clint Fernandes shares some quick DIY techniques that can help you recreate the runway look in your salon.  Have a look.

Accented Nail Art –
 Use a layer of nail polish and then place Rhine stones on the top. Let it dry and use a top coat to set it.

Long-Lasting Lip Color – Use a lip liner to cover the entire lip instead of using it for outlining. Coat the lips with the lipstick to make the lip colour last really long.

Big Black Eyes – Smudge the eyeliner with a colour eyeshadow – an easy DIY technique to recreate big black eyes.

Preach Peach – The no-makeup look at the Dior, Chloe and Chanel shows at the Paris Fashion Week left us yearning for more and the good thing is that it would look great on the Indian skin tone as well. “The nude look has ruled the international ramps, but it needs to be tweaked to suit the Indian complexion. Adding peach, whether to the cheeks or eyes, is a good idea. Lots of tints will be used this year and shades of peach, rose and pink on the lips as well as cheeks will be a hot favorite for Indian skin,” says Fernandes.

More Orange-Y – Give those blue or turquoise eyes a twist by replacing it with orange. We saw the bold orange lips at the Mission Spring 2015 collection at Milan Fashion Week and we loved them. “Flaming colours like berry and orange will hit our runway this season,” says Fernandes. “Keep them matte, since gloss is light reflecting and might not be the best choice for the day. Orange has been in style for a while now and many of my clients were keen to try it but were apprehensive. So on one client I used a softer matte-looking shade of orange and she liked it. Proper consultation is very important and the hues should be decided according to your client’s features and lifestyle,” adds Fernandes.

Keep in MindAvoid too much baby makeup and shine, as that can make you look oily and dark.

Overusing fake lashes can look too exaggerated instead of looking beautiful and natural. Keep it light with a pop of colour – magenta, crimson, fluorescent yellow, green, bright purple – but keep it minimal.

Remember that iridescence and radiance does not mean loud. Keep things subtle.

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