Beauty Mantra 2016

Beauty Mantra 2015

Glitter or shimmer? Global chocolate brown or honey highlights? Matte or luminous skin? A layered hairdo or a chin-skimming bob? January is a time when most makeup artists and hairstylists anxiously sift through the pages of glossies to know what the beauty atars hold for them. Fret not, as we get the experts to help you with the tricks and trends ahead.

The parties have ended. Shiny disco lights have dimmed, and New Year resolutions have been made. Your journey, however, has just begun and it gets more challenging as you have clients demanding a fresh look that sets them apart. We put together hair and makeup tips, tricks and trends that will not only make your clients go bonkers with selfies, but also ease your job through the year.

A Fresh Start

If you’re done with all versions of the dark smoky eye,it’s time to add fresh colours to your beauty palette – mauve and lilac to plum and levender – 2015 is a time to welcome the purple eyes and berry-hued pouts. “With the end of the party season, it’s time to say goodbye to glitter and opt for shimmery eyes and beautifully bronzed skin. Graphic eyes with metallic makeup will give the peepers a space-age feel,” says Ishika Taneja, executive director,Alps Cosmetic Clinic, Delhi.

This year, the unabashedly bold lip colours will be a rage. “Lip colours in scarlet red, deep plum and burgundy make a striking statement. The idea is to highlight one facial feature and go easy on the rest of the face in terms of colour. A clean flawless skin which is well contoured and highlighted is imperative,” says Puja Taluja, celebrity hair and makeup expert.

Trends may come and go,but as a makeup artist, you must know how to incorporate them well to suit your client’s personality. The spring in the air calls for bright colours such as pink, green and orange, “With makeup trends moving towards softer looks, 2015 will be about soft smoky eyes coupled with nude lips and just a hint of glitter. It will bring with it hues of brown to replace the conventional black. The looks will be dewy and shimmery, with a luminous glow,” says Shamita Gogia, bridal makeup artist.

Makeup Resolution

When your clients have embraced the New Year by resolving to eat healthy and hit the gym regularly, you must make one, too.


Slicked back,pulled high, worn law or embellished – 2015 spells serious length when it comes to tresses. Long hair is back with a bang! This year, promise yourself to learn a new haircut and style – from flawless bobs to braided crowns and messy beehives.

Eyes-Makeup-Picture-2013-14-09-300x238The New Year is also a time for a fresh infusion of warm brown hues in terms of hair colour. If your client is looking to transform her look, the perfect shade of hair colour will do the magic. Think buttery blonde and sun-kissed highlights; caramel with gold accents and strawberry hues. Just make sure to complement your client’s eye colour and skin tone.

Your may be the busiest hairdresser in town, but can become the best one only by mastering the tricks of the trade. “A consultation session with the client is extremely, the products they use and the manner in which they style their hair at home,” says Kaynaz Dadina, style director, Dressage Salon, Mumbai.

Use a product that will suit your client’s hair texture, “Using the wrong product for the wrong hair type is one of the most common mistakes that hairstylists make.It’s important for stylists to keep themselves updated on the right way of using products through online videos and trainings,” says Zingranwon Shatsang (Zing), co-owner and creative head, Zido Salon, Mumbai.