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Best Stress Busting Tips and Tricks

Has stress gotten the best of you lately?The facts of life go like this: Not everything is fair (except perhaps, love and war.) The only thing that will stay consistent is change. And most of all, stress will happen – and when it does, accept it, cope with it, and if you...

10 Ways to Feel Good About Myself

We can only give to the world what we have given to ourselves. If we want to share love and inspiration with others, we need to cultivate our own self-love. It serves no one for us to go about our lives feeling self-judgment, shame, doubt, or other heart-closing emotions. Here are a...

4 ways to stop worrying before bedtime

You're tired of tossing and turning. Exhausted from lying awake, thinking about the day's events or planning those of tomorrow. Worn out with work, family and friends-related concerns. And yet, with all of this thinking and the mental fatigue that comes with it, your mind has never felt more...

Good health is a feeling of fullness

Good health is a feeling of fullness
“I am healthy.” What does this mean to you? Different people have different definitions of being healthy. For some, it is simply being slim and fat-free while for some means free from diseases. Well, in reality, being healthy comprises whole lot of things. It is the well-being of an individual’s physical, mental and emotional health....


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