Coleen Khan

Coleen Khan Alfonso has been a hairstylist for over two decades. She is also the hair and beauty expert for P&G Beauty. Her mantra is to make high-end hair and beauty services accessible to all, and to see her clients leave the salon feeling happier about themselves.

“I have a client who had coloured hair. She complains of scalp irritation. I find her scalp extremely dry as well. How can I treat this problem?

Neha Joshi, Mumbai

Some people are allergic to certainchemicals that are found in hair colour. These make the scalp very dry and upset its natural pH balance (5.5). Adding certain oils and scalp tonics to the hair colour while mixing the ingredients will not only help to protect the scalp, but also provide shine to the hair. These oils and tonics can be used to treat scalp irritation, you can opt for treatments that help to regulate the pH balance of the scalp. Such problems aggravate during winters, so it’s best to start these treatments as soon as possible. Scalp treatments are done over a period of six weeks. You must also recmmend a good shampoo and conditioner to continue the treatment at home.

Q. One of my clients has plenty of grey hair. She comes in coluring and touch-ups. However, she recently told me that she is pregnant. Is it still safe to colour her hair?

Personlly, I would not advise women to colour their hair during pregnancy, even though some gynecologists say that it is safe. The scalp is colour that enters our system is harmful for the fetus. It your client still insists on colouring her hair, you can leave two inches from the scalp and root, and colour the rest.

Q. One of my clients has very rough hair. Six months ago, I started her on keratin treatments and the results were positive. However, now, the effects aren’t showing anyone. Why is this happening?
How often are you doing a keratin treatment? You can’t do a keratin treatment more than once in six months, thus running your client’s hair. Please let her hair rest. You owe her softening or protein treatments that will reverse the damage. Also, give her a good haircut to get rid of the damaged hair. Henceforth, please don’t perform a treatment that you do not have complete knowledge of as it can damage your client’s tresses.

Q. I have a client with extremely thick and healthy hair, which i find difficult to style, especially hairdos like a faux bob or a chignon. It’s quite a task to even blow-dry her hair. Are there any tricks to make styling easier for such thick hair?
You could try smoothening treatments like the cysteine complex treatment as this would reduce the volume and make her mane more manageable to style.For people with thick hair, faux bobs and chignons aren;t suitable, as they don’t stay long and look extremely odd due to the volume. For such hair, I would recommend haird is like French twists or messy buns, which are much easier to create. While cutting the hair, you could use thinning sheers to reduce volume.

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