Weight Loss Tips for Night Workers – Because Not Everybody Works 9 to 5

Do you work at night? If yes, then you must be familiar how challenging it is to work in night shifts. This is because the entire routine changes for such people; you sleep when the world around you is at work, and you eat when everybody is resting. While the entire routine gets disturbed,...

Does Cardio on an Empty Stomach Increases Fat Burn?

Does Cardio on an Empty Stomach Increases Fat Burn?
Cardio is a popular exercise regime for people who want to shed their excess fat and burn off calories. Moreover, people often believe that doing cardio on an empty stomach can increase fat loss. This is because a cardio workout will force your body to burn off those extra calories offering you the energy...

Check out How 1 Teaspoon of Cinnamon Powder can Surprise Your Body in Just 45 Minutes

1 Teaspoon of Cinnamon Powder
Cinnamon is a common Indian spice that is used to add aroma and flavor to spice up hot beverages and even sweet dishes. In fact, cinnamon is also great for our health. It offers a slew of health benefits besides being a flavored spice. You might not know that it is a rich source...

7 Exercise Motivation Tips

7 Exercise Motivation Tips
Exercise is the need of the hour for each of us. However, we dream slimmer, make workout plans, and give up soon. You might want to sweat more often, but end up finding the workout motivation to stick to your fitness routine. Therefore, the foremost step when it comes to starting a workout regime...

5 Reasons for the Failure of Your Belly Fat Regime

You might be following a strict exercise regime to reduce those extra inches around your waist. But are you the getting the desired result? Have you been able to reduce your belly fat with your squats and crunches? If not, you must continue to read to know more why all your efforts are turning...

Saying good-bye neck pain naturally is not a dream

Saying good-bye neck pain naturally is not a dream
Are you into a sedentary job? Or you are growing old? There can be many reasons why that pain occurs in the neck… Nowadays it is a very common medical condition. Millions of people in this modern era are suffering from mild and severe neck pain. It is also commonly termed as the cervical pain,...

5 Healthy Snacks to Carry In Your Gym Bag Daily!

5 Healthy Snacks to Carry In Your Gym Bag Daily
Often before or after a workout your body crave for something to eat. And most of the times you forget to carry a healthy alternate, isn’t it? The more dreadful thing happens when you consume something wrong, putting your health and efforts at greater risk. Here is a list of some healthy snacks to...


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