Good health is a feeling of fullness

“I am healthy.” What does this mean to you? Different people have different definitions of being healthy. For some, it is simply being slim and fat-free while for some means free from diseases.

Well, in reality, being healthy comprises whole lot of things. It is the well-being of an individual’s physical, mental and emotional health. The English word “health” is derived from the ancient English word hale, which means “wholeness, or being whole, or well”.

The WHO Definition of Health

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), “Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”

Also, during the Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion in 1986, the WHO defined health as:

“Health is a resource for everyday life and not the objective of living. It is a positive concept emphasizing social and personal resources, as well as physical capacities.”

Therefore, being healthy means taking proper care of your body by eating healthy and keeping the body fit by exercising regularly. While staying healthy may seem like a challenge for most of us, it’s actually quite simple once you get into the routine of it.

Have a look how.

In general, there are three factors that contribute to being healthy.

Healthy Lifestyle

Often people have a misconception about “healthy living.” It is not just about eating a healthy diet; instead it’s about a lifestyle choice. Usually, when we say a healthy diet, it restricts us to eating small amounts right kind of food in order to remain fit or control weight. While a healthy lifestyle can result in losing weight, the concept actually means much more than that.

Healthy lifestyle simply means changing the way you live your life; it means changing the way you eat and what all you do to maintain your physical fitness and a keeping a positive attitude towards your life.

Healthy Eating

This factor revolves around eating fresh and a well balanced diet. Avoiding unhealthy food items like fast food, enriched bread, refined sugars, fatty foods is the first thing you should do. All these food items affect you healthy adversely leaving you with unexpected health issues in the long run.

When we say eat healthy FOOD, it means:

F – Fruits and veggies
O – organic lean proteins
O – omega 3 fatty acids
D – drink water

It is a fact which people usually overlook that by eating healthy food, they reduce the chances of various health risks. In addition, if someone is suffering from a disease, eating healthy, eating right can even help with that.

Healthy eating means incorporating a variety of food that provides you with the right amount of nutrients your body need to maintain your organs and their proper functioning.

There are two approaches to it:

  • Eat three meals and three snacks a day, or
  • Eat six small meals a day.

Now, if you are worrying about eating the right foods that will actually benefit you the most here is the list:

  • Apples
  • Almonds
  • Blueberries
  • Salmon
  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Avocados
  • Leafy Green Vegetables

In addition to this, you can also include other healthy food items like lean protein, meat, eggs, and quinoa. And… don’t forget to drink 7-8 glasses of water. Water is a must to keep you hydrated and feel energetic and lively.

Healthy Activities

Being healthy not only means eating healthy, it also means consuming that food in the form of energy to feel active. If your body is unable to consume energy from what you eat, your practice of eating health is a total waste. When your body feels energetic and active, it results in:

  • Better overall health
  • Improved physique
  • Positive self-esteem
  • Better posture and balance
  • Improves your mood
  • Healthy weight and weight control
  • Fights adverse health conditions and prevents diseases

Here, you need to understand an important thing -being physically fit doesn’t mean working out for hours. In fact, 30-60 minutes exercise 4/7 days a week is sufficient. You just need to keep yourself motivated to stick to your workout regime. There are tips for staying active:

  • Walk whenever you can
  • Choose activities of your interest that makes you feel good because it helps you maintain that healthy lifestyle with positivity.
  • Start with small.
  • Stretch everyday
  • Tap your back or reward yourself when you reach a personal goal.

And Remember….

As you’re now aware that being healthy includes eating the right food and being physically active, preparing a healthy routine for you and your family is what your next step should be. And, if ever you feel like giving up on a healthy life, motivate yourself by reading these inspirational facts about being healthy:

  • Every year, over 300,000 people die due to poor nutrition and a lack of physical activity.
  • There is no quick fix to health issues.
  • The results are priceless.

Choice is all yours!!! Stay healthy, stay happy.