Dr Apoorva Shah and Dr Sonal Shah

Dr Apoorva Shah and Dr Sonal Shah

Hair Expert Advice

Trichologists Dr Apoorva Shah and Dr Sonal Shah, founders of Richfeel Trichology Centre, give you tips on hair care

1.I have had very thick, long and wavy hair for the last 20 years. Fter moving to Mumbai, its thickness had reduced drastically. I am now left with a limp ponytail and can barely braid it. Help!
A chnage in the water and weather conditions can trigger hair fall. You need to consult a trichologist to identity if the hair loss is reversible or irreversible in nature. He will also advise the required supplements. The Richfeel Anagrow treatment will help to increase hair volume and thickness.

2. I live in a hostel and don’t get a nutritions diet for hair growth. My campus doctor suggested that I take supplements with Biotin or fish protein in them. Are they safe? If yes, can you suggest some OTC supplements that are safe for consumption?
Biotin is one of the ingredients used in hair supplements. Consult a trichologist to get your scalp and hair analysed. It is not recommended to take OTC without knowing what will suit your condition best. Your trichologist will give you the correct dosage of supplements.

3. My hair had lost its volume and thickness, and I have been advised to cut it short or shave my head. Does shaving help hair grow back thicker?
This is a myth. Shaving your head will make your hair feel coarser. The hair grows by half an inch every month. It will not stop falling after cutting it short. You need to consult a trichologist for hair loss.
4. Does Moroccan oil help to keep the scalp moisturized? Please suggest alternatives to it as it is not easily available in India and is very expensive, if available.
Yes it does help. You can apply simple coconut oil instead, as it is easily avaiable.

5. I tend to have frizzy hair that doesn’t stay in place despite combing. Is it advisable to use serums post hairwash? Which ones would you recommend to prevent my hair from looking limp and frizzy?
To manage frizzy hair, you can apply Cutishine Hair Repair. You can also apply brahmi hair pack for smoothness. A tricho scalp therapy on a weekly basis is recommended. Get your hair analysed by a thichologist to know what is making it limp and frizzy.

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