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What 10 Healthy Foods Are Best to Eat Everyday?

Super-foods are all the rave these days. Every day we are discovering how nature provides all that we need for optimal health. Here are some everyday superheroes to incorporate into your healthy lifestyle. Broccoli This mighty brassica offers a wealth of health benefits. In addition...

Difference Between Emotional and Mental Health

Difference Between Emotional and Mental Health
When it comes to your health, you are probably more likely to consider things like your fitness level, your digestion and how you physically feel on a regular basis. What you may not realize, however, is that your mental and emotional state plays a role in your health as well. Keep reading...

Why Don’t You Try These 5 Belly Fat Burning Foods?

These five, belly fat burning foods, when enjoyed in moderation, can help you lose the bulge and feel healthier in your body.
Excess abdominal fat is one of the leading precursors to heart disease, metabolic syndrome, and several types of cancer. It is also uncomfortable, and can be challenging to your self-esteem. A little softness around the middle is normal and healthy, but if you are carrying around more than you want it might...

Eight Surprising and Amazing Health Benefits of Tomatoes

bunch cherry tomatoes close up
Tomatoes are a versatile food because they can be eaten raw or cooked, mixed in sauces, or tossed in salads. Even if you do not like the taste of tomato in its purest form, you can still enjoy a variety of benefits by eating cooked tomatoes. Organic tomatoes and tomato products are...

Power Packed Carrot Pineapple Ginger Juice Recipe

Carrots are one of the most widely available vegetables found in grocery stores and food markets – they are available all year round and are always affordable. These simple facts make carrots a wonderful ingredient to utilize in your juicing regimen, but they are not the only benefits these vegetables have to...

Nutrient Boosting Pomegranate Orange Juice

You may be familiar with pomegranate by name, but you might not be used to incorporating it into your diet. Pomegranate is one of those fruits which many people assume to be exotic, but you can actually find them at your local grocery store. Pomegranates are full of healthy antioxidants which help...

Stem Cell Therapy for Radiant Skin and Hair

Stem Cell Therapy for Radiant Skin and Hair
Our age shows on our bodies. One of the most obvious signs of aging is a depletion of external radiance. For most people, the skin begins to sag, thin, and develop age spots; the hair gets coarse or very fine, turns grey, or falls out; and the brightness slowly disappears from our...

Why a Raw Food Diet Is a Healthy Weight Loss Option

Why a Raw Food Diet Is a Healthy Weight Loss Option
In the quest to find and maintain a healthy weight, switching to a living foods lifestyle may be the most effective and sustainable way to reach your goals. Eating a high raw or completely raw diet can help you burn excess fat, reduce inflammation, improve digestion, boost metabolism, and support the overall...

Ten Reasons to Incorporate Probiotics into Your Daily Diet

Ten Reasons to Incorporate Probiotics into Your Daily Diet
Probiotics are live organisms such as bacteria or yeast. The word probiotic literally means 'promotion of life’. You have essential bacteria in your body but this can become depleted causing health difficulties. Taking probiotics can supplement any deficiencies in your body and restore balance. If taking probiotics in capsule form, ensure you...

I Love Coffee! How Much Can I Drink and Still Be Healthy?

adult barista beverage - love coffee wallpaper
We tend to worry that coffee is intrinsically bad for us but there are actually pluses and minuses to drinking coffee. Certain studies show that drinking coffee can have a positive affect on our health. Evidence shows benefits regarding the onset of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Other studies show a reduction in the risk of...


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