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Jump-Start Your Morning with These Metabolism Boosters

One of the most frequent requests I receive from MHLC readers is for tips on how to boost their metabolism. Increasing the speed at which your body burns calories makes weight loss easier. When your metabolism is sluggish, weight sticks around, even if you make an effort to eat right or exercise.

How I changed my diet to lose 40 lbs.

I got really sick, overweight and hit a low in 2010. I had a highly stressful job, was a coffee addict, ate very poorly (takeaway and pre-packaged food all the time), didn’t exercise at all and drank wine to relieve stress on weekends. All my bad habits, combined with an enormous amount...

Why Pornography May Be Bad for Your Brain?

Intimacy is one of the most important human needs. After food, clothing, and shelter, meaningful connection with others humans ranks as the strongest requirement for health and well-being. In our increasingly disconnected world, however, finding this essential nourishment can be surprisingly challenging. As real connection and intimacy disappear in the streams of...

BREAKING NEWS… The Truth About “Health Drinks”

herbal tea herbs tee mint
We all need a little pick me up now and again. And if we are trying to lose weight or increase athletic performance, something that promises to give us more energy while also supporting our health goals can sound miraculous. But we live in the age of flashy marketing and quick fixes...

Stop ALL Sugars Now… If It’s WHITE It’s Not RIGHT!

coffee mug tea sugar
We are all facing many challenges in our modern world. While in some ways we have made incredible advances that prolong health and increase our ability to enjoy life, in some ways we have more cards stacked against us than ever. Some of our convenience and accessibility even works to our detriment....

Why India Has the Fewest Cases of Dementia in the World… TURMERIC!

Benefits of Turmeric
One of the traditional definitions of the word “medicine” refers to balance. Bringing a body into balance through a variety of means. Understanding that balance is a dynamic, fluid state that requires presence and deep listening to the body to maintain. In the modern world we tend to think of medicine as...

Heart Block Vein Natural Remedy

Heart Block Vein Natural Remedy
Vein blockage is a serious medical issue and should be treated by an experienced medical professional. However, in addition to your doctor’s recommendations, you may also want to incorporate natural remedies into your treatment plan.Speak with your doctor about lifestyle changes and any measures you wish to take...

Raw Bean Sprout Salad Recipe

Raw Bean Sprout Salad Recipe
Sprouts are an excellent source of enzymes and protein. They have very high levels of Vitamin A, D, C and E. They are a common ingredient in raw food diet and can be germinated easily at home. They are easy to digest and good for weight loss as during germination, proteins break...

10 Reasons Wheat-grass can save your life!

Wheat-grass can save your life
Wheatgrass is the young sprouts grown from seeds of Triticum aestivum or common wheat. It’s called grass but it’s more like a vegetable, on steroids. Pound for pound, sprouts are probably the most nutritious of all plants because they are power houses of vitamins, minerals and trace elements but wheatgrass is like...

Do you Sprout? Why you should

Nature’s nutrient
Sprouts are not just decorative and crunchy additions to salads and stir-fry’s, they are a bona fide superfood, medicine and anti-aging supplement. They are a supremely healthy snack and a valuable source of complete protein. The best part is that they are easy to grow all year round, don’t take up much...

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