Coleen khan hair salon

Coleen Khan Coleen Khan Alfonso has been a hairstylist for over two decades. She is also the hair and beauty expert for P&G Beauty. Her mantra is to make high-end hair and beauty services accessible to all, and to see her clients leave the salon feeling happier about themselves. “I have a client who had coloured...

Ambika Pillai | Bridal Makeup Artist Delhi

Ambika Pillai
Ambika Pillai THE GOLDEN TOUCH Her mastery of textures and colours makes Ambika Pillai synonymous with fashion weeks since they first came to India. Even now. Her artistic vision and technical skills continue to shape the present and future of the hair and makeup industry. By Shveta Shrivastava “A woman recently walked into my salon with her...

Ojas Rajani – Make-up, Hair & Fashion Stylist.

Ojas Rajani Make up Hair Fashion Stylist.
Ojas Rajani Makeup artist Ojas Rajani is face behind some of the most stunning looks created on screen.Having battled prejudices early in her career for sexuality, all wanted was to let her work speak for in self. She opens up about the wounds she recovered from and the love she gained over the years. When I...

Beauti Must-Know

Beauti Must-Know
Makeup expert Clint Fernandes shares some quick DIY techniques that can help you recreate the runway look in your salon.  Have a look. Accented Nail Art - Use a layer of nail polish and then place Rhine stones on the top. Let it dry and use a top coat to set it. Long-Lasting Lip Color - Use a...

What is mineral makeup?

What is mineral makeup?
While some consider it a marketing gimmick, some think of as second skin. From skin-care benefits to possible risks – the debate over mineral makeup is fiery. But does it really live up to its hype? What is mineral makeup? The tropical climate, polluted environment, unhealthy eating habits and the sun’s harmful UV rays take a...

Wedding Diaries: Essentials that Complete a Punjabi Bride

India is known for its traditions and culture all across the globe. From festivals to weddings, Indian traditions are worth experiencing.  And when it comes to Indian weddings, how can one forget the Punjabi weddings. Punjab has one of the most colourful and richest wedding traditions in India. Considering the Punjabi weddings, you can’t miss...

Makeup Hacks Every Lady Should be Aware Of

Makeup Hacks Every Lady Should be Aware Of
Do you adore yourself? Okay, that’s a silly question. Let’s jump up on something tricky. So tell me ladies, how often you see a mirror in a day??? Do you miss a flawless skin? The hush-rush, polluted lifestyle harms our skin greatly making it dark and dull. In the urge to get that flawless beauty...

Magical Home Stuff Which Will Help Lighten Tanned Knees and Elbow

Person Eating Watermelon by the Beach
Often we focus on our clothes, footwear, make-up, but we overlook some dirty corners of our body that can ruin our entire appearance. Our body areas like knees, elbows, where dirt gets accumulated easily looks really very ugly. Well, this is no more an issue! While it feels very embarrassing to have such dark, dirty...

Women! Take Extra “Care” In Your Down Times

PERIODS! Not easy as it sounds. We all women go through it however the extent of the trouble and pain vary. Some women bear it for 5 days while some get it for hell 15 days. Ladies! We are special and deserve utmost care. Gone are the days when periods were pain! With a little...

SAFFRON: One of the most expensive spices

saffon - expensive spices
SAFFRON One of the most expensive spices, Saffron has more to it than just adding flavour to your biryani. Saffron, also known as kesar or zaffran, is a precious spice known for its aromatic properties. When added in food and drinks, it enhances their flavour and its unique colour makes it one of the safest food...


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