Makeup Hacks Every Lady Should be Aware Of

Do you adore yourself? Okay, that’s a silly question. Let’s jump up on something tricky. So tell me ladies, how often you see a mirror in a day??? Do you miss a flawless skin?

The hush-rush, polluted lifestyle harms our skin greatly making it dark and dull. In the urge to get that flawless beauty back, we either rush to our beauticians or spend huge on those harsh chemical products.

Do you know, every year, beauticians earn millions of bucks in return of offering flawless look to you. However, the result is almost zero. But, what if we say you can get that flawless skin without even wasting a single penny?

You might be wondering what I actually have on plates today. Ladies, today we are going to share some simple yet magical makeup tricks which will surely help you a lot.

Makeup Hacks Every Lady Should be Aware Of

1. Give a perfect Shape to Your Lips –

Thin lips are unattractive. If you are among those who have thin lips, then this makeup hack will just enliven your dead and dull lips. All you need is a lip liner. Make sure you get a lip liner of one shade darker than your lip color. Simply, outline your lip with the help of lip pencil. Then just fill the inner areas of that out line with the pencil first then softly apply the lip color. Lastly, you can just highlight your lower lip and cupid bows with the help of lip pencil.

2. Lift up that Flat Nose –

Most of use can’t afford expensive surgeries to give a lift to your flat nose. But, we have got a simple makeup trick for the same. Draw two parallel lines starting from the initial points of your eyebrows towards your nose. Blend the lines you just created with the help of brushes. Give a sharp highlight to your nose by applying a little highlighter on your nose’s bridge.

3. Don’t forget to hide those dark circles

Got Dark circles? Apply a little amount of yellow/ peach/ coral colored lip shade before using a concealer on affected area. Don’t use a matt lipstick. Instead use a lipstick with high moisturizing formula to get a better hide on dark spots. Fair skin toned women should go for peach color and dusky or whitish skin tone can use coral or yellow color lipshades. .

4. Hiding Your Double Chin –

Double chin makes you look older. But, don’t worry as it can be covered easily. All you have to take two dark shades of contour powder and a makeup brush. Apply it right below the area with double chin and follow your jaw line. Make sure you blend it well while applying. This trick will help for your chin look sculpted.

5. Stubborn Dark Spots, Not Anymore –

No matter how long you have been taking care of your skin, one single dark spot can make it look ugly. And the worst part is these dark spots become stubborn with each passing day. However, the good news is that you can hide them under make-up. You just need a reddish-brown color lipstick and a thin makeup brush. Apply a little reddish-brown color lipstick and blend it on the affected area with some concealer and see the magic. It’s simply gone!

So, liked the tricks?? I am sure these will help you a lot. Keep visiting our website to get more updates. Take care and Stay beautiful