Pomegranate Orange Juice

You may be familiar with pomegranate by name, but you might not be used to incorporating it into your diet. Pomegranate is one of those fruits which many people assume to be exotic, but you can actually find them at your local grocery store. Pomegranates are full of healthy antioxidants which help to prevent cellular damage caused by free radicals – they also help to reduce your risk for certain types of cancer. This delicious fruit is also a great source of vitamin C. You may be surprised to hear that pomegranate can also help to reduce your risk for cardiovascular disease.

This recipe is the perfect blend of fresh pomegranate juice and orange juice, accented with hints of fresh lemon and honey. If you are looking for a cool and refreshing beverage to enjoy on a hot day or simply a nutrient-boosting picker-upper, this Pomegranate Orange Juice will do the trick!

Servings: 2 to 3


4 ripe pomegranates
2 small navel oranges, halved
1 large stalk celery, cut in half
1 large carrot, cut in half
1 medium green apple, cut in half
½ small lemon, peeled
½ inch fresh ginger


1. Cut the pomegranates in half or quarters using a sharp knife.
2. Carefully spoon the seeds into a bowl and discard the pomegranate skin.
3. Place a pitcher or large glass under the spout of your juicer.
4. Feed the pomegranate seeds through the juicer.
5. Insert the celery into the juicer next to help push through the pomegranate seeds.
6. Feed the remaining ingredients through the juicer.
7. Stir the juice well and pour into glasses to serve.

**Note: This juice can be stored in the refrigerator in an airtight container for up to 48 hours. Fresh juice loses some of its nutrient content during refrigerator, however, so drink immediately for the most benefit.

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