Tips to Protect Your Skin this Holi

Tips to Protect Your Skin this Holi

So, the much awaited festival of colors is here! Excited?? Holi is one Hindu festival that is loved and enjoyed by all. The colourful colors, munching eateries, traditional refreshing drinks and the fun of being with dear ones is really awesome.

But, with fun comes many health risks caused by the harsh, chemical-mixed colors. While earlier, colors were being made of flowers, plants and herbs, these days colors made from toxic chemicals are sold in the market. These chemical-based colors can cause a serious toll to our health, especially the skin.

The harsh ‘gulaal’ that we use on Holi are associated with skin irritation and rashes, asthma, bronchitis, and eye irritation that can further cause temporary blindness. Dermatologists say that these toxic colors can exacerbate pre-existing skin conditions, as well as cause eczematous reaction patterns such as redness and itching. Moreover, these can also affect the nail unit, which might lead to itching, burning, and abrasions.

Experts Take on Precautions for Holi

Take the following precautions to avoid the dangers of chemical colors.

  • Apply petroleum jelly on your face, hands and legs to avoid direct contact of the skin with harsh colors. Moisturizer and Coconut oil are other good options for the same.
  • You can also apply a good sunscreen as a ‘sun-block’ because certain chemicals can react with the skin only in the presence of sunlight.
  • For men, to protect their beard, they must apply coconut/mustard/olive oil before playing holi.
  • To protect hair damage, massage your head well with adequate coconut oil and tie them properly.
  • Removing colors from your skin post-enjoyment takes a tough toll. For this, you can apply a home-made face pack to get rid of all the color. Simply, take two tablespoon of gram flour and mix it with a pinch of turmeric powder, a teaspoon of honey, and milk/yoghurt. Apply the pack on your face evenly and keep it on for 15-20 minutes. Rinse it off with lukewarm water.
  • Avoid using harsh soaps and scrubs as they might hurt and damage your skin. Instead, opt for a mild cleanser after applying some oil.
  • Moisturize your entire body with shea butter moisturizer and honey.

An Important Alternative

To avoid all the above hassle, using herbal colors is a much safer bet as they are produced from natural plant sources. Hence, they are much less likely to irritate the skin and might even offer skin benefits. Experts also recommend preparing your own natural Holi colors from henna leaves, turmeric powder mixed with flour in place of yellow, spinach and coriander for green color, a nice red color obtained with sandalwood powder, dried rose petals or dried beetroot, and vermillion!

Follow these tips and make your Holi more fun and less fussy. We wish a happy, colorful and safe Holi to all our readers. Feel free to share your tips and remedies to protect your health this festive season. Happy Holi!!



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