Want to Flaunt Your Gorgeous Foot

Most of us just focus on hands and face and hardly care about those down to earth “feet”. Feet are also a very beautiful part of our body. Just imagine how odd it would look if your face and whole appearance is superb and the only thing which is adding that “opps” moment, is your foot.

Well Ladies, you really don’t need to worry if your feet are not that good looking as your gorgeous face. Today, we are going to unlock some magical tips which are costless yet very helpful. You can just make your foot look Wow by following these tips. Check them out!

Want to Flaunt Your Gorgeous Foot? Try These

It’s time to focus on your toe nails. First of all clean your nail well and then file your nails for a perfect shape. Apply some nail cream on them and then gently massage your foot.

If your feet are very dry then it’s the high time to water them. Soak your feet in hot water for 15-20 mins atleat twice a week. Don’t forget to add some few drops of your favorite essential oil in it.
If you’ve got tanning on your foot, we suggest you to exfoliate your foot and toe. For that, make a mixture of baking soda and few drops of lemon and start applying this mixture on your foot for 5 minutes in circular motion. You can use a medium size brush for this. Once it’s done, rinse your foot with warm water.

Applying nail color is common among women. If you like applying a dark shade on your toe nails, make sure that you remove it within every 5th day because dark shade nail paints always leave stains on your nails making them look dirty. A nail remover can really help you in achieving this without affecting the texture of your nails.

Often we apply cream and lotions on our face and hands, even neck. However, we forget to do the same for our feet. Lack of moisture in our feet makes them look dull and dry. You can use any foot cream which can acntually moisturize your feet and keeps them pretty. If you have cracked heels, then you can use a good foot care cream to heal those cracks. If yu ant to go natural, there is another trick as well. Simply, apply coconut oil on your feet and put on an old pair of socks. Doing this daily for a few days at night can be very effective.

Adopt to changes – it is the simplest way to body care. Using skin care products according to the season and body conditions is a must. For example, during summers, your skin gets tanned a lot (no matter how much sunscream, you apply), during raining season, you may get the ringworms or some other skin problems so yeah it is really very important to take care of your feet during each season. You can use antibacterial creams at nights and yeah, no matter what season it is, don’t forget to love your feet because they too deserve to be look good.

Hope, these steps will help you get those beautiful flawless feet back.