Want To Have Long Shiny Hair? You Need to Check These Out

1) Add Avocados to your Diet –

Love Avacados? If yes, then we have few more reasons to love it even more. Do you know Avacados are very rich source of Vitamin B an E. Eating them not only help your body to be fit but also help your hair to look shiner and grow faster.

2) The Hidden Power of Sweet Potatoes –

Why Sweet potatoes rather than normal potatoes? Well sweet potatoes are very rich source of Beta Carotene which provides the Vitamin B. Vitamin B helps hair to shine like anything, also provides them great growth.

3) “Egg” Can Be the BFF of Your Hair –

Not only the wrinkled skin, but egg also adds shine to your hair. The egg yolk is a rich source of Iron, protein, zinc and Vitamin B. All these nutrients are very important for your hair to look good and stay healthy. You can either add eggs to your diet or you can simply apply it on your hair, both will give same result.

4) Your Hair is Asking for Pulses –

Yeah! You heard it right! Pulses are actually very rich in Proteins, Fibers and Iron. All these nutrients actually help the hair to grow faster.

5) What The Fish –

Love sea food? What if we say, Fish can also be used to get nourishment for your hair? I know you would hardly believe but you have to believe here. The pink fish is a rich source of Omega-3 fatty acids and this nutrient is simply very effective for hair growth. So, give some seafood treat to your hair too!

6) Give a try to Peanuts and Dry fruits –

Just add all the yummy nuts to your daily diet but keep in mind that excess of everything is bad. All thee nuts are very good source of Vitamin B and Vitamin B actually helps the hair to grow faster.

7) Seed is all what you Need –

Um.. all you have to is to add in your diet is Flax seeds. It seems very small but it does wonder. Yeah, it can help way better in hair growth. This is actually fiber andOmega-3s rich food which directly helps your hair to grow faster and stay healthy.

These were a few things which should be added to your diet ASAP if you eagerly want long shiny and beautiful hair. Start eating good and your beauty will enhance on its own. 

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