punjabi wedding wallpaper, punjabi wedding couple picsIndia is known for its traditions and culture all across the globe. From festivals to weddings, Indian traditions are worth experiencing.  And when it comes to Indian weddings, how can one forget the Punjabi weddings. Punjab has one of the most colourful and richest wedding traditions in India.

Considering the Punjabi weddings, you can’t miss to talk about the Desi Punjabi Bride. Adorned in colourful heavy intricate Bridal attires, delicate jewellery and that Punjabi swag, Punjabi brides look stunningly beautiful.

Here are a few essentials every Punjabi bride is supposed to wear on her wedding day that not only adds to their beauty but also have traditional significance.

punjabi marriage wallpaper, punjabi brides, punjabi bride1.The Wedding Attire

While Sarees and Lehengas are common wedding attires for girls, Punjabi brides wear Suites or Lehengas as a part of their tradition. Also, it is a must for the Punjabi bride to wear red colored dress for the Anand Karaj (wedding ceremony), as red color symbolizes prosperity and happiness in the bride’s married life.


punjabi brides, punjabi bride, punjabi bridal wallpaper2. Dupatta

Punjabi are known for their distinct traditions and rituals. For example, it is a must for people to cover their head whenever they worship Guru Granth Sahib. As such, on the auspicious wedding day, the brides are required to wear a dupatta to cover their head during her wedding ceremony in the presence of the Holy book. Also, the dupatta should be draped well with pins so that it doesn’t falls off from the bride during the ceremony.

3. Ranihaar (Necklace)

Punjabi brides are supposed to wear a long, heavy and ornamental necklace, often made of gold.

4. Choora

Choora holds a special position in Punjabi wedding rituals. Traditionally, brides are supposed to wear a set of 21 bangles in red and white or mahroon and ivory selected by the bride’s maternal uncle and aunt. The choora is gifted by them to the bride during the choora ceremony.

5. Kalire

These are a pair of gold plated, umbrella-shaped jewellery that dangles from the bride’s wrists. Kalire can be further embroidered with string or beading, but are usually made of lightweight materials.  Kalire holds a special significance in Punjabi wedding traditions and is believed to bring happiness in the life of newlyweds and signifies eternal love between the newly wedded Punjabi couple.

6. Nath

An ornate nose ring is also a part of the Punjabi bridal appearance. The Nath is gifted by the maternal uncle to the bride. While the style and size of the nath may vary, it is often decorated with pearls or other jewels.





7. Teeka

punjabi Teeka hd wallpaper, punjabi wedding couple images, punjabi wedding couple wallpaper, punjabi wedding coupleA pendant teeka is the most common head jewelry for a Punjabi bride. The styles may vary from elaborate to simple that depends on the bride’s personal choice.


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