PERIODS! Not easy as it sounds. We all women go through it however the extent of the trouble and pain vary. Some women bear it for 5 days while some get it for hell 15 days. Ladies! We are special and deserve utmost care.

Gone are the days when periods were pain! With a little more care and carefulness, you can actually combat the trouble of your monthly cycle.
Have a look how.

Choose the Best Option
While sanitary pads have greatly reduced the period problems, these are not always helpful, especially for those girls who have heavy flows. For such women, Tampons are better option than sanitary pads and come in a lot of variations.

Apart from pads and tampons, yet another option to control severe flows is the menstrual cups. With the evolution of technology, innovations are making life easier and menstrual cup is one such innovation. These are small bell shaped cups that far better option than tampon or sanitary pads. With these cups, there is almost no chance of leakage.

Say No to these!
Say a big No to Coffee and Salt during those tough days as these two can lead to heavy flow and pain.

Don’t Worry, Its Temporary!
“It’s all in the Mind”. Come on! We all know it’s a natural phenomenon of a female’s body and you cannot avoid it. As such, it is better to accept this truth whole heartedly and be prepared for it every month and don’t panic. Accept it as a part of your life and be calm and you’ll rock it as your usually do.

Be the Popeye Woman – Eat Iron Rich Food
Remember Olive from the very famous cartoon show – Popeye the Sailorman! Be like her! Due to the high blood flow during the periods, your body loses lots of iron. Deficiency of iron in a woman’s body can lead to chronic health issues. Hence, consume food items that are rich in iron to fulfill the requirement of iron.

Sometimes it’s good to be the Sleeping Beauty
Sleeping is the best escape to pain, especially the pain of the menses. While it’s not always easy to sleep during high flows and severe cramps, ignoring the pain and allowing your body to relax is actually significant. To ease the access pain, you can place a hot water bottle on your abdomen. This will help reduce the pain allowing you to sleep well.

Cheer Up
Instead of crying and screaming in pain, it’s actually a better option to keep your mind busy so that you don’t feel that pain every time. Make sure you avoid stressful and bulky work. You can dance a little on your favorite dance number, do slow exercise, move your head on your favorite track. Just do it because somewhere it will help you a lot to ignore the pain.

Pay Attention On What You Are Eating
To be healthy, it’s very important to eat healthy. So, if you want live strongly as you live in normal days, make sure you are having adequate diet. Eat well, live well,